Novalis is always seeking ways to support the communities in which it operates by donating, participating and organizing charity events. Recently, the company installed its new AVA commercial-grade luxury vinyl tile at the Sichuan Children’s House, a home for young children
whose parents are working remotely for months at a time in major industrial towns in China. The home is located in a remote village in the Lezhi County of Sichuan Province, China.

The Novalis team worked with a group of 20 volunteers to select, design and install several thousand sq. ft. of the bright, cheerful colors from the AVA SNSE collection.

“Our team selected the bright colors from our AVA SNSE collection and installed them for their activity room. It means a lot to us seeing those bright innocent smiles,” observed John Wu of Novalis. “We hope our effort created a comfortable and home-like environment that warms the hearts of those children who are left-behind.”

AVA SNSE is available in 16 colors with excellent stain and chemical resistance and a 10-year commercial warranty. It is also FloorScore® certified ensuring indoor air quality. But to the kids, it’s the bold use of color and design that makes their environment more fun.

“Social responsibility is the Novalis long-term commitment; it makes us who we are,” observed John Wu.